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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
In a previous post we have learned that to avoid dust build up the vacuum is your carpet's best friend. That is why today, here at Cleanpro in Lehigh Valley, we want to make you acquainted with another of your carpet´s good friend... the doormat!

Doormats are the Carpet Cleaning Buddies!

Doormats are great assistants to a common problem. Constant dust and mud buildup in your carpet can turn into a real nightmare. The use of a doormat in your front and back door will give you a great head start in preventing ugly mud stains. It will not replace vacuuming or regular carpet cleaning, but if used properly, it will keep you from having to run for the vacuum every time your kids stomp into the house with muddy or dusty shoes.

Use Doormats Properly

Using your doormats properly can have many advantages but the key word term here is: proper use. To properly use your doormats you need to;
  • Use them! Don´t leave them in your home decor drawer tucked away. place them before any entrance to your home.
  • Teach your family members to use them. This includes explaining to your children that they cannot enter the home without wiping their feet or shoes (depending on whether you allow shoes in the house or not) on the doormat properly.
  • Wipe your shoes on the doormat properly. Simply stepping on the doormat before entering your home will not be very efficient.
To effectively wipe your shoes on the doormat you must:
  1. press and scrape one shoe constantly while holding the rest of your weight on the other leg.
  2. Switch sides by switch your body weight to the other leg wile pressing and scrapping your other shoe back and forth.

Carpet Cleaning in Daniesville

If ugly and penetrating mud stains are already covering your carpet  then don't hesitate to contact us immediately. We will adequately remove those ugly and penetrating mud stains and any chronic dust build up to give you a fresh start. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in Daniesville or the call us now at 610-739-3317.

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