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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
Here at Cleanpro Lehigh Professionals, we not only care for your carpet and flooring; we also like to keep your upholstery spotless. After all, the furniture in your home provides style and comfort, which is why you should aim to keep it perfectly clean, too. In order to help you out in this department, we have this post on how to keep your upholstery in immaculate condition.

How to Keep Your Upholstery Spotless


Better to be safe than sorry. This is why you should spray your upholstery with stain repellent spray. This will help ensure that your upholstery won’t suffer as much if you spill something on it.

Avoid Disasters

We all love to eat delicious food on the couch while we’re watching TV. However, you can bet that sooner than later, you’ll stain your furniture. Don’t play with fire and avoid disasters!

Paws Off

While we love our furry little friends, their hair and the dirt they carry on it can get stuck in the fibers of your furniture and make it dirty (and sometimes, even stinky). Keep them off!

No Shoes

After a long day at work, we’re sure that you just want to kick back and put your feet up. However, all the dirt in your shoes can get your upholstery filthy, so be sure to take them off first.

Use Stylish Throws

If your upholstery has a lot of use, you can keep it spotless by placing a cozy throw over it. This will make your home seem more welcoming and stylish, and will help protect your furniture.

Vacuum and Brush

You should also maintain your upholstery from time to time. For example, you can remove any dirt on it by using your vacuum (with the appropriate nozzles), and get any hairs off by going over it with a brush.

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