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How to Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home in Lehigh Valley

If you're planning on changing the flooring in your home there are many options to consider. Aspects of your daily life and lifestyle should be taken into account as you decide what flooring is best for your home. While options like vinyl or tile have their benefits, carpeting is always a great choice. If you're looking into carpeting, Lehigh Cleanpro in Lehigh Valley has some tips to help your find the right carpet for your home.

Set a Carpet Budget

Like all large investments, purchasing carpeting for your home requires that you set a budget. Before you settle on the perfect carpet for your space, create a budget that you are comfortable with and that will allow you to get quality carpeting. As you decide on your budget, do take into consideration the variation of prices based on carpet types. Remember that your budget should also include the cost of carpet padding, carpet removal and carpet installation. Keep in mind that you don't have to carpet all the rooms in your home with the same carpet type. More affordable styles that are easier to maintain will do just fine in areas with more foot traffic while lush, pricey carpets are a great option for areas such as master bedrooms.

Area Rugs or Carpet?

If you're unsure about wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs are a great alternative. Wall-to-wall carpeting can become a hassle if you have pets in your home or small children. Dealing with spills and stains can become an issue and you may need to replace your carpeting more often. Area rugs provide a great alternative because they provide the same warmth and comfort as carpeting but are easier to move. Because they come in different sizes and designs, they are easy to incorporate into your home's decor. Another advantage of using area rugs is that you can take them with you if you move.

Purchase the Perfect Padding

Although carpet padding isn't visible, it is important that you invest in a sturdy and durable padding for your carpet. A sturdy option will support your carpet backing better and will ensure your carpet has a longer life. Choose a strong padding that will be resilient and provide a great foundation for your carpet. A good padding will also help insulate your home and absorb noise. Areas in your home the experience high foot traffic will require thicker padding in order to prevent excessive wear on your carpet. The type of carpet pile you choose can also influence the type of padding you need. If your carpet needs a professional carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valleycontact Lehigh Cleanpro! Give us a call at (610) 739- 3317 and be sure you're booking the best carpet cleaning service around. Don't forget to ask about our Cleanpro Carpet Cleaning System and all of the services we provide.

Choose the Right Carpet Pile

Carpet pile referes to the different styles of carpeting available. Get to know the differences between loop pile, cut pile and cut-and-loop pile in order to choose the right one for your home. You also need to take into consideration the length of the pile. Each pile has its benefits and drawbacks that should be taken into account. For example, deeper pile will feel more lush and look more luxurious but can be harder to maintain when compared to a short pile. Visit carpet show rooms and stores and feel the difference between pile types before making your final choice.

Maintaining Your Carpet

As you shop around for your carpeting, be sure to ask questions about maintenance for different pile types. Learning about maintenance schedules and tricks can help you understand what carpeting is right for the spaces in your home. Don't forget to ask about warranties and what they cover. Most carpeting will come with a warranty but it will require that you perform certain maintenance tasks in order to stay active. For example, some warranties require that you have your carpets professionally deep cleaned at least every 12 to 18 months.

Choose the Right Color

While the color of your carpet may seem like an easy detail to decide on, it actually requires much consideration. Stick to a shade that complements the color scheme in your home. Neutral colors are quite popular, but darker shades can hide stains better. If you want statement carpeting there are many colorful shades to choose from. Take samples home in order to get a better idea of how a shade fits in with your decor.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Near Me in Lehigh Valley

Remember that a professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. If your carpet's ready for its next cleaning, contact our professional carpet cleaning service in Lehigh Valley. For the best professional carpet cleaning company and carpet protection in Lehigh Valley, be sure to contact Lehigh Cleanpro at (610) 739- 3317 and ask about all of our services.

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