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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
 Summer is finally here! Lots of fun things are associated with long summer days but with the good comes the bad. With coming and going inside of your house your family, friends, and animals might be tracking in more than usual. You already have to worry about dirt, food, spills. Don’t waste your time worrying about grass stains too. Here we have some tips for you to take grass stains out before they become a real problem.  

As soon as you find a grass stain, vacuum the area to get up any loose grass or soil that might be stuck in the carpet. Next, apply a little bit of laundry detergent directly to the stain. Apply pressure to the stain with a clean cloth to remove as much green color as possible. Rinse the stain with water and continue blotting. Next, apply an ammonia based solution directly to the stain area. Blot again. Now, pour white vinegar directly onto the spot area. Continue to blot. Rinse with water again and blot to dry the area. 

If you can not get all the green in the stain out, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. It is recommended that you get your carpet professionally deep cleaned at least twice a year. This deep cleaning will keep your carpet looking great and keep it looking and smelling new for much longer. 

Here at Lehigh CleanPro in Danielsville, PA, we have trained professionals to meet all of your cleaning needs. We service the Lehigh Valley, Danielsville, and Allentown area. We offer eco-friendly solutions with unbeatable results. Our carpet cleanings usually dry in about 1-2 hours with no residue. Contact us at (610) 739-3317 to schedule your carpet cleaning and be sure to ask about all the services we provide.

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