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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
Having a household pet is very rewarding, as they have a positive impact on your mood, plus they provide you with unmatchable companionship.  However, you will eventually have to deal with pet stains on your carpet, that can seem difficult to remove. For this reason at Lehigh Cleanpro in Lehigh Valley, we created the following post containing useful advice on this topic.

Identify the Area

It certainly is no secret that urine has a pungent smell as it contains ammonia, which makes it relatively easy to notice. However, pinpointing the soiled area can be difficult and sometimes the stain won’t be visible. That’s why you should use your sense of smell to find the affected area or you can also use a black light, if you are having difficulties.

Prepare Your Cleaning Solution  

If the area is still wet, you should use paper towels to dry the area. Now, in a spray bottle, mix  equal parts of white vinegar and lukewarm water. This natural cleanser is a disinfectant that will kill any lingering bacteria, plus it won’t affect your indoor air quality. Use this solution to flood the area and use a clean cloth to blot the stain. 

Remove Lingering Odors

Before you use air freshener, you should make sure there aren’t any lingering odors and baking soda is the best choice. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it sit for at least a day, and you can simply remove it with your vacuum cleaner. 

Remember that regular training can prevent this unwanted behavior, during which you will need to be patient. Also, be sure to read our guide on pets and carpet, so your carpeting stays in perfect condition while your furry friends are around. 

For Carpet Cleaning in Lehigh Valley

Remember that CLEANPRO has a patented system that combines the sciences of thermodynamics, kinetics, fluid mechanics and economics, and it cleans the dirtiest of carpets while using very little moisture. Think about us next time you are looking for carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley. If you wish to schedule an estimate, please call (610) 739-3317.

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