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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA

What to Do Before a Professional Carpet Cleaning

If it looks like your carpet is ready for a professional carpet cleaning, make sure you're well prepared for when the cleaners show up. Even though the carpet cleaners will do most of the work, you have to put in some effort as well. Lehigh Cleanpro has some tips to help you prepare for your carpet cleaning.

Declutter Your Home

Before the cleaners show up, make sure you take the time to remove clutter from your home. Remove anything that might get in the way of chords or present a tripping hazard for the cleaners. Store children's toys and other loose articles in order to prevent accidents. You can also give your carpet a light vacuuming to remove any hair or dirt that may be on the surface.

Remove Furniture

Make sure you make time to remove furniture from the carpeted areas being cleaned. Even though a professional is going to clean your carpet, they aren't there to move your furniture. Don't create obstacles and hard to reach areas by leaving your furniture in its spot. Removing furniture will ensure your carpets get the best cleaning possible.

Take Care of Your Pets

If pets will be present in your home during the cleaning, make sure they're out of the way. It is best to keep them in a room where the cleaners will not be working. Be aware that professional machines can make loud noises which may frighten your pets. Keep them secure in another room in order to ensure they don't run away if they get scared.

Carpet Cleaning in Danielsville

Remember that a professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice year. For the best professional carpet cleaning and carpet protection in Lehigh, be sure to contact Lehigh Cleanpro at (610) 739- 3317 and ask about all of our services.

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