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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
Pets are a wonderful addition to your family, but they’re also likely to be the messiest members. You can, however, ensure that your carpeting and your pets live together in harmony by following this guide prepared by Lehigh Cleanpro in the Lehigh Valley

Wipe their paws

If you’ve taken your dog for a walk, especially at this time of year, it’s likely that their paws are filthy. Avoid this dirt being trailed into your home and onto your carpet by keeping some old towels by the door with which you can wipe your dog’s paws when you get home. This will soon become a habit, and can really cut down on pawprints and mucky marks. If you have a cat, consider putting mats down in front of any catflaps, doors or other means of entry they use regularly to catch any muck they may be carrying on their paws.

Clean them often

Brushing and bathing your pets is vital if you want to cut down on the mess they create. Pet hair is a perennial problem, but it is likely to be much less of an issue if you take the time to brush your pets once or twice a week. Dogs need bathing at least once every two weeks, but it’s a good idea to wash them any time you notice they’re dirty and after any walks in bad weather. Cats are more independent, but don’t be afraid to bathe yours if you see they’re a little mucky.

Vacuum regularly

Regular vacuuming cuts down on visible dirt and pet hair, but it also removes microscopic particles of dirt from in between your carpet’s fibers. These particles can wear down our carpet over time if they aren’t dealt with, reducing its lifespan. If you’re finding it hard to remove pet hair, you could try brushing your carpet before vacuuming to help pull it all up.

Spot clean

Clean up any spills or stains you notice immediately as leaving a stain for even a brief time makes it much more likely to become permanent. Check our guide to dealing with carpet stains for further advice.

Expert help

It’s recommended that you get your carpet professionally cleaned every so often if you want to keep it looking its best. Once a year may be a good rule of thumb for those without pets, but if you have pets then once every six months may be preferable.

If your carpet is a little worse for wear, a visit from the experts at Lehigh Cleanpro can have it back to its best in no time. We use CLEANPRO’s unique carpet cleaning technologies to provide the best carpet cleaning in the Lehigh Valley, so don’t hesitate to call us at (610) 739-3317.

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