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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
Looking over your carpet, you are more than likely pleased. After all, you do your best to keep it clean. However, you might find that there is one particular area, causing you trouble. If you’ve got an area of carpet that needs to be fixed, perhaps a stain or tear that you can’t seem to rid your carpet of, then consider patching it rather than replacing your entire carpet. Lehigh Cleanpro would like to offer you some easy suggestions to help you do just that. 

Find a Piece of Replacement Carpet

You may have carpet left over from the installation and if this is the case, of course this will be your ‘go to’ source for a piece of carpet to patch an existing rough area. However, if that is not an option you may consider getting a piece of carpet from under a larger piece of furniture you never move, a storage room, or ideally even the back of a closet. 

Mark and Cut the Carpet

Now that you’ve located a piece of replacement carpet, you should use tape and a sharpie to mark the direction the carpet fibers are going in on both the carpet to be replaced and the replacement piece. This way you can ensure that you are cutting carpet well and that the fibers will be going in the same direction when you replace the piece. After you’ve measured and done the markings, cut the damages piece out and compare it to the new area, cutting it out in the same shape. 

Use Fabric and Fabric Glue to Secure Your New Piece

Cut out a piece of fabric, approximately one inch larger on each side, than the hole in the carpet. Using fabric glue, attach the fabric to the underside of the carpet, around the hole. Again using fabric glue, attach the new piece of carpet to the fabric, allowing it to sit overnight. 

Mix the Fibers

You can use your finger right away to ruffle the edges of the carpet and make the fibers from the two pieces blend better. You can also wait until the following day, after the fabric glue has been given sufficient time to dry, to vacuum the area, even further blending the fibers. 

Remember that once you’ve replaced the piece of troubling carpet, or if you’re having difficulty removing carpet odors, your carpet may need a professional clean. Cleanpro can help you with that. For carpet cleaning in Lehigh, be sure to contact us at (610) 739-3317.

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