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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA

Remove Set-In Upholstery Stains

Whether a spill happens on your carpet or on your upholstery, the best thing to do is treat it right away. However, this isn't always an option. Sometimes spills happen without anyone even noticing until hours or days have passed. If this is the case with your upholstery, Lehigh Cleanpro has some tips to help you get rid of those set-in stains.

Before You Start Cleaning

Before you get to work on the stain, the first thing you should do is vacuum it. Sometimes it's hard to see what you're really working with until you remove the dust and dirt that has collected over it. A quick vacuuming of the area will remove dirt that could also get in the way or cause more problems as you clean the stain.

Check the Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Most upholstery comes with a cleaning code that lets you know what solutions you can safely use on them. Check on the side of your furniture or under seat cushions since these codes are usually hidden. A W means you can use water based solutions for cleanings, an S means it requires water-free products for cleanings and an X means it needs to be professionally cleaned. If your upholstery doesn't have code tags your best bet is to contact a professional.

Pick Your Cleaning Solution

Now that you have figured out what you can use on your upholstery, it's time to choose a cleaning solution. For upholstery that can be treated with water based solutions, you can start by using a solution of warm water and some dish soap. Apply it to the area with a sponge, but don't scrub it. Scrubbing can cause damage your furniture's fabric. Blot the area with a dry towel and soak up the solution. If the stain is still there, move onto a cleaner. Before applying the cleaner of your choice to the stain, test it on a less visible spot.

Dry the Area

The last step in the cleaning process is drying the area. If you're in a hurry, you can use a blowdryer to speed up the drying process. Opening a window near the cleaned upholstery will also allow it to dry a bit quicker. Remember to let the area dry completely before using that piece of furniture.

Carpet Cleaning in Danielsville

Lehigh Cleanpro offers more than professional carpet cleaning services. Our experts can also provide professional care for the upholstery in your home. For the best upholstery cleaning and carpet protection in Lehigh, be sure to contact Lehigh Cleanpro at (610) 739- 3317 and ask about all of our services.

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