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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
Here at Lehigh Cleanpro in Lehigh Valley, we strive to provide the service you need to keep your carpet and upholstery spotless. We use the CLEANPRO® CARPET CLEANING SYSTEM, which allows us to clean your carpet without any of the hassles associated with other methods. If you’d like to know more about the benefits you get with Cleanpro, we’ll tell you all about them in this post!

Cleanpro Benefits

  1. Fast drying. This means that after we clean your carpet, you won’t have to wait for hours or days until it dries up (risking mold growth in your flooring) like with steam cleaning. 
  2. Effective. Our unique ion exchange process mixes different sciences to completely strip your carpet of any bacteria, stains, nasty odors, and more. We are so sure that we’re the best at this that we challenge any competitor out there to beat us!
  3. Safe. Most of the other carpet cleaning methods around leave shampoo and chemical residue behind, which affects indoor air quality and may result in some health issues. Our system is 100% safe, which means you won’t have to worry about a thing.
  4. Green. Since we don’t leave any residue on your flooring, you can rest assured that we don’t pollute the environment. Moreover, our method utilizes biodegradable products which are green and safe for you, your family, your pets and the environment.

For Carpet Cleaning in Lehigh Valley…

As you can see, Cleanpro has everything you need: the most effective, safe and green method, with no drawbacks, and with the best service. If you’re in need of carpet cleaning, contact us at (610) 739-3317 to get the best team in town.

And remember, “Don’t Steam Your Carpets, CLEAN Your Carpets!”

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