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Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley
Carpet cleaning in Lehigh Valley, PA
For those of us who are used to having carpet in our homes, it can be quite the drastic change to consider removing it all. Perhaps you’d never consider doing such a thing, unless you have a loved one in your home who suffers from allergies. Before you tear up the carpet, however, remember this-it is not actually the carpet that is causing the allergy. Generally carpets are made of hypoallergenic materials. However, there are definitely some materials associated with carpet, that can cause allergies. Today, Lehigh Cleanpro would like to offer you a few examples of those major allergens associated with carpet, as well as some ways you can go about removing them from your home, making it much more pleasant for those with allergies. 

Common Allergens

Materials such as dander, pollen, dirt, and pet hair are major contributors to allergy symptoms associated with carpeting. In order to keep your home free of these, or at least with minimal association with them, consider the following:

  • Vacuum your home regularly, especially carpet in high traffic areas, as well as upholstery
  • Attempt not to use window fans or air conditioning units if at all possible. These will aid in bringing dust and dirt from outside, in. You want to avoid this as much as you can. 
  • For more information on how to specifically care for your carpet when you have pets, read our post

More DIfficult Allergies

Let us say you have a patch of mold in your carpet or even an area with dust mites, you don’t necessarily have to get rid of the carpet altogether. You can try using the following tips to help prevent or rid your home of these serious allergens. 

  • Know that the feces of the dust mites is actually what causes the allergies-however in order to rid of the feces you must rid of the dust mites
  • Dust mites and mold are more likely to breed in humid environments, therefore if possible attempt to keep your home below 50% humidity
  • If this is not possible, due to where you are living, invest in a dehumidifier
  • Remember that neither of these major pests will be removed by a dry vacuum cleaner
  • You may decide to rent a wet vac on your own or hire a professional

If you should decide that hiring the professionals is the way to go, remember that Lehigh Cleanpro is ready to assist you with your carpet cleaning needs. For carpet cleaning in Lehigh, be sure to contact us at (610) 739-3317.

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